Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

I absolutely love this man. We have known each other since the fifth grade. Hard to believe we have known each other that long. He is a wonderful husband and father. I love how he plays with the kids. He is just a big kid with them. I love watching him sing with Ellie, give Riley piggy back rides, and play golf with John Adams. He loves being with his children and making memories with them. He also loves the Lord Jesus and that is the thing I love the most about him. I love watching him tell our children about God. Being a children's pastor, he can just make the story come alive and hit you right where you needed it most. I love him and I hope he has had a wonderful Father's Day. Happy Father's Day, Honey!
This is my dad with my brother, sister, and me. Can I just tell you what an awesome person he is? My dad has started everyday, since before I was born, on his knees. He knows the power of prayer and we can all testify to that. He loves his grandchildren and loves all of us. Can I also say, he absolutely adores my mom. He is not perfect but does not have a problem telling you when he has made a mistake. I think he is the best. Happy Father's Day, Daddy!!! I Love You.
Heavenly Father,
Thank you for these wonderful men in my life. I am blessed beyond measure. Thank you that they love you and love their families. Put your protection around them. Keep them in your most perfect will. May they continue to draw others close to You. Thank you, Father, for allowing me to be apart of their lives and seeing You work in and through them. In Jesus precious name, Amen.