Saturday, January 14, 2012

What's New In China

Talked with Michelle and Kelly night before last. They are all doing great. Mary Alan is doing wonderful! She is starting to warm up to Kelly, which he is very happy about. They went to the place where Mary Alan was found a couple of days ago. If I haven't mentioned that before, she was found under a bridge in a flower bed when she was a month old. Michelle really didn't think they would be able to find the exact bridge, but they did. If you haven't read Michelle's journal about this, you really need to. You can click here (password: seven) to get to it. She also has lots of pictures.
I will admit to you that my attitude towards Mary Alan's biological mother has not been very good. I have been angry with her; wondering how in the world any mother could just leave her tiny baby anywhere, much less in a flower bed under a bridge. But in good 'Big Sister' fashion, Michelle reminded me of some different things about this girl. The pain she surely felt leaving her infant, hoping someone would come along quickly to get her. The feeling of this being her child's only hope for a better life or even life at all. So over the past few days, I have pondered these things and actually admire this girl. Although we do not know the circumstances surrounding her giving Mary Alan up, I know it owuld be incredibly difficult. You can't carry a child for 9 months, feeling them move and grow inside of you, and not be emotionally involved. I know she could have made a much different choice with Mary Alan, that many in her country have felt was their only option. I also know that without her, we would not have this precious child as part of our family. I have not even met her, in person, yet and already I love her. So, I am thankful for the choice she made to put her in a place she would be found. I pray if she doesn't know Jesus, she will one day and He will give her peace in knowing her baby is safe and loved and cared for.
Michelle, Kelly, Annabeth, and Mary Alan travelled to Guangzhou yesterday. They will be there for the remainder of their trip. Next stop is HOME!!! And I can't wait!!!

7 Days To Go

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Adoption Is Final!!!

My Mom got an email from Michelle yesterday. They are all doing very, very well. She said Mary Alan is sleeping well, which was the biggest concern. She has been sleeping in her foster parents' room so I guess a hotel room is not that much different. The plan is for her to continue to sleep in Michelle and Kelly's room when they get home until they have all adjusted to being here. We mommies all want our babies close by.
She said they talk to her before bed, pray with her, give her a kiss, and lay her down. She plays in her bed for a few minutes and then goes to sleep. WOW!!! She does better than my baby. Michelle is so thankful for Mary Alan's foster mother, Joan, who obviously has done a wonderful job.
They got their certificate of adoption, I believe 2 days ago their time. That means Mary Alan is officially theirs. WooHoo!!!! Finally, she is part of our family after several years of praying and waiting on God. To think that she wasn't even born yet when this whole process started brings tears to my eyes. To think we have been praying for this child literally, when she was in her biological mother's womb, is almost too much too take in. This is one of those moments, like the Israelites, we will point back to with our children and say,"God is faithful". We serve an AWESOME GOD!!! He is alive and working in this world. Even in a country, a very long way from here, that does not believe in Him.

10 Days To Go

Monday, January 9, 2012

Gotcha Day!

I talked to Michelle this morning and we got to meet Mary Alan, via Facetime, for the first time. She was just precious. She was so happy! I asked her how Gotcha Day went and she said it was great. Mary Alan went right to them and only got upset once for about 5 minutes and after a diaper change was fine. She has been happy and playing ever since. She even took a nap and went to them without a problem. Michelle said she wasn't crazy about Kelly just yet, but if I know my brother-in-law, it won't take long. She had her hair down and had a little headband with a white flower in it. I realized that was the first itme I have seen her hair down. It is usually in several ponytails. Her hair is beautiful and really long for her to be only 19 months old. I can't even tell you what a blessing it is that she is so happy with them. We have heard all kinds of stories about how this could go. I do realize this was the first day and we don't know what tomorrow may hold, but I rejoice that today was a great day! I don't know why I am surprised. That is exactly what I have asked everyone to pray for. Why do to we ask and yet don't really expect God to answer us in the way we want Him to? He is a BIG GOD but He is very much in the little things of our lives. Thank you all so much for your continued prayers. They are truly being answered as we speak.
If you haven't checked out Michelle's journal on shutterfly, please do. She has lots of pictures and even more details of their amazing journey. Just click here - the password is seven. 
Have a blessed day:)