Saturday, February 4, 2012

God's Protection

 You may look at this and see and empty bottle. I look at this and see a blessing and God's hand of protection at work.
 Today, I was working on some things on the computer. I could hear Charlie playing in the other room(which is literally 5 ft. from where I am) and didn't think anything of it because I could hear him. You know, if it gets quiet, then you worry. That was not the case. I could hear things clanking around and really thought he was playing with his toys. John Adams comes in and starts saying,"Mom, Mom" in this very panicked voice. I walk in, and there is something all over the floor and Charlie is seating in the middle of it. What in the world? So I start trying to find what he has gotten into. Yes, you guessed it. Goo Gone. He has opened the child-proof top and poured it everywhere. But wait, that isn't all. I pick him up to start cleaning up the puddle. And realize he reeks of this stuff. I touch his face and his mouth is all greasy. OK!!! Panic Time!!! I have absolutely no idea how much of this stuff he has ingested but- as you can tell- it is a very small bottle and the floor is covered in it. I call a friend who is a nurse and she comes by. I also call Poison Control. You would think, with 4 children, I would have had to call them many times, but, no, this was a first. At this point, John Adams is crying. He is scared something bad is going to happen to his little brother. So, I get him and Charlie and we do the only thing I know to do. Pray! God calmed us down and Poison Control told me if he hadn't coughed or anything when he drank it, he was probably fine. Keep him awake for 2 hours and if he starts coughing or struggling to breath, take him to the ER. Thankfully neither of these things happened. Praise the Lord!!! I am so thankful and will be double checking to make sure the child-proof lock is in place instead of making that assumption from now on.

 On to happier topics, we have been able to spend some time with Mary Alan. She and Charlie are very curious about each other. We went to lunch with them. 

 We also went to see my grandmother. 

 Charlie and Mary Alan shared a snack.

 She is too cute!

 This may look like an attack but it is really a hug

 I have also found out this week that Charlie loves the vacuum. my other children were scared of it. He chases me around the house trying to take it from me. I do hope this love for cleaning lasts :)

His other love is his doggie. I love it!