Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Children's Rooms

Kelly's Korner is having "show us where you live Fridays" and today we are looking at children's rooms. I love my kids' rooms. We have not lived here for a really long time so they are not completely finished but I am going to show them to you anyway. 
The first room is John Adams'. He is 8 and loves, loves, loves Alabama football- sorry Kelly. This is looking into his room from the hallway.

This is one of two windows. They are on the same wall. I had the bedding and the curtains made by a store here in town. They are great and easy to work with. I hope all this will last for a while.

Can you tell he is a fan?
This football hangs between the windows. It was just perfect for his room. The dresser below is on the wall going out of his room. I am going to have to get something bigger soon. His clothes are getting too big to fit in here.
This is Riley's room. She is 6. She loves pink and I love it with brown. In decorating, my goal is always to do something that will last for several years. This is looking into her room from the hallway.

This is her bedding. I love it. If she starts to dislike it, I think I will put it on my bed. i am sure my husband will have no objections to that idea. it was made at the same place as John Adams'. Although, I did get the toile online but, I don't remember where. I think I just googled pink and brown toile.
I found this lamp and shade at Target. Don't you just love Target? I liked it so much I got one for my other daughter's room as well.
This is the desk Riley got for her birthday. She had been asking for a desk for months. my parents gave it to her. The chair came from an antique store her in town. it still needs to be recovered but I haven't found the right fabric yet.
I found this armoire at the same antique store. It was already painted this color. This is where most of Riley's clothes live. It was the perfect size for the space between her windows.

This is Ellie's Room. She is 3 and her favorite color is purple. Can't you tell? I had already found the perfect fabric for her room and it was not purple so most of her toys are purple. This is the view from her bathroom.
The headboard came from Pottery Barn but the rest is from the same store as the others.  
This little table came from Target. The girls play here for hours. The picture is a painting we got on our honeymoon to Jamaica. We are celebrating our 12th anniversary this Sunday. I never thought then that it would one day sit in my little girl's room but I think it works.
This mirror came this way and I loved it for her room. The dresser came from The Bombay Company. It was brown and lived in our guest bedroom before we had children. It has 4 deep drawers and sits on the wall going into the bathroom.
After 4 miscarriages, I feel abundantly blessed by the Lord to have 3 children's rooms to show you. To Him be all glory and praise.I hope you have enjoyed a look into my home. Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Our Busy Week

We have had a very busy week. I am sure a lot of you have also. I thought December was the busiest month but I believe May has taken its place. Last Friday, as in May 19th, we had Riley's end of the year party. We had such a great time and it was perfect weather. I think that was the last sunny day we have had. 
Riley's wonderful teachers, Mrs. Gilland and Mrs. Ferguson.

That night, I helped give a graduation party for our sweet friend and babysitter, Jesi. 
We went to my parents hunting lodge and spent the night. 
My mom, Jesi's mom, and I went along with 6 of Jesi's friends. We had a great 
time and we didn't stay up too late. Surprisingly enough!
On Sunday, we had Senior Recognition Day. The seniors wear their cap and gown and tell the church where they are graduating from and where they plan to go to college. We have a meal for them after the service. This is Jesi with my children. 
They absolutely love her. Riley wants to be Jesi when she grows up.
Then we had John Adams' ball game on Tuesday. This was the playoffs. They would play 
until they lost. They won on Tuesday and lost the final game on Thursday.
Wednesday was our Vacation Bible School Outreach night. This is when our entire 
church goes out in groups and invites our city to our VBS. We make it a competition
so more people will go out. The group that wins gets a trophy and gets breakfast 
one Sunday morning. Charles is the Children's Minister at our church so this is a big 
night for us.
Thursday was Riley's last day of school. Her last day of Kindergarten. Her last day
at First Presbyterian Preschool. Her last time going to school half a day. It was a 
happy, sad day. She is sooo excited about first grade and 'Big' school, she can hardly 
stand it. I, on the other hand, am sad that her years at such a wonderful place are 
over. Ellie will start there next year but this is the end of preschool for Riley.
John Adams had his Egyptian Feast on Thursday, as well. I picked Riley up and 
immediately headed to Providence. They have been studying Egypt and this day 
they dressed up and had a parade. They are carrying a mummy if you can't tell.
 Let me just tell you, it is not easy finding an Egyptian costume or making one 
up. Maybe it was just me.

Thursday was also Riley's Kindergarten graduation. She had a solo. She did a super
job. I was really proud of her. I was very nervous, probably more so than her. Can
 you relate? Every child had a speaking or singing part. They all did really well. It was 
a little emotional. Oh, did I mention that John Adams' playoff game was happening 
at the same time? If I could have split myself in two, I would have. His game ended 
when her program started. I had to save seats at the church for the friends and family 
that came to the program, none of which could be there early. John Adams' team lost.
I hated so much I couldn't be there for the last game of the season.

Thursday night, after the program, we ate and then picked up a little friend.We had
great expectations that we would surprise Riley with a dog for her graduation gift. 
After considering that fact, we thought better about it and decided to just dog sit and
see how it went. Zoe was so sweet but she is a brittany spaniel and will get bigger
than what we want. So, we had a lot of fun with her and realized we definitely want 
a dog, just not this one. We are on the hunt for a cavalier spaniel so if you hear of 
any puppies, let me know and I will keep you all posted.
We finished off the week at the lake. This was great after such a busy week. My parents
 have a lake place and most of my family was able to go for Memorial weekend. They 
have a two-story dock with a jumping platform at the top. This was the first time John
Adams got up the courage to jump off of it. We didn't make him. He just woke up 
Monday morning. and said this was the day. He walked right up there and jumped off. 
I had totally expected him to start crying or get really scared, but he surprised me.

   Waiting on the rain to stop so we can go back on the boat.
My nephew, Hunter, on the boat. Do you see the sun behind him? Yaaay!!!
We all felt like this at the end of the week. However, I am so thankful to be busy
 with my family. There was a time I would have given anything for life to be this 
crazy. With lots of kids to be busy with. I am at that place and there are many busy
days ahead. Thank you God for giving me this busy life but help me not to get so 
busy I forget about You.