Saturday, October 1, 2011

We Love Fall!!!

Fall is my favorite season! I love the leaves changing colors, the crispness in the air-at least on some days, and I absolutely love to cook this time of year. I do not know why I enjoy it more now than other times, but I do. I also like to decorate my house for fall. I think it is like getting yourself slowly prepared for the Christmas decorations that are soon to follow. Much bigger task than the few things I do for fall.

I have found some great fall decorating ideas and recipes at Pinterest!!! Oh My Goodness! Have you been to this website?! BEWARE. It is addictive! Ellie and I tried out one of the recipes I found there.

It was a little messy:)

But it turned out really yummy. It is Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Pumpkin Bread. My family loved it, which is never an easy task.

We also made some of these. We are going to call them S'more Pockets. I have no idea what they are really called but I think this works.

You take crescent rolls, put chocolate chips and mini marshmallows in middle, and roll them up, folding sides over.

Then follow baking directions on roll package.

Yummy Goodness! I love s'mores so these were a big hit for me and my children. They are best when they are fresh from the oven. I am going to try to make them with 2 large marshmallows to see if that will work. The little ones melt completely and I would like to have a little bit of it left. I'll let you know how that turns out.

Today, we went to pick pumpkins. I love doing this! My children ask every year when we are going, even my 10 year old. Our adult class at church goes every year and we have a great time. First, we take a hayride out to the pumpkin patch. Then, we pick out our pumpkins. All our kids get one. They try to get one sized like them.

John Adams' is the biggest.


And Charlie's is the smallest.
Speaking of, he is 11 months today.
One more to go before the big #1!!!

This is most of the children that were with us. You know, all the kids on one end and their parents on the other. Funny how that happens :)
It was such a fun day!